Matt Schmidt flies solo in a Six Chuter SR1 powered parachute in Greenville, IL.

Photograph by Roy Beisswenger

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Easy Flight Powered Parachutes, Greenville, IL

The Easy Flight Training Programs


The Easy Flight mission is to enable more people to experience the thrill of controlled flight.

At Easy Flight, we realize that you may want to eventually own a powered parachute or you may just be looking for that once in a lifetime experience. Whatever your degree of interest may be, we are ready to serve you.

Getting ready to fly!

An Easy Flight instructor prepares a student for a tandem flight.


Introductory Training Flights

Many people just want to find out what it feels like to fly in a powered parachute. At Easy Flight we have the only Certified Flight Instructors recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration in the St. Louis area. One of these instructors can safely take you into the air as a 'back-seater'.

The experience is probably like nothing you have ever tried. Your instructor will really show off his flying skills and the capabilities of the aircraft in a safe manner. It gives you a chance to see how the equipment performs, get comfortable with the open air feeling of flying without walls, and show you what kind of fun you can have yourself some day after you master flying a rig.

Dual Flight Training

The FAA requires 10 hours of dual flight training from a Certified Flight Instructor in addition to other requirements. At Easy Flight, we recommend that you sign up for the 10-Day Sport Pilot Training Course in order to get that training along with the rest of the training required for your license.

That said, 1 hour of flight training not only brings you that much closer to the FAA requirements for a license, It's also a fun way to spend an afternoon, even if the purpose of the flight is to discover if this is a sport you want to continue on in.


Powered Parachute Sunset Flight

Denny McKay on his first solo powered parachute flight in Greenville, IL.

Photograph by Roy Beisswenger


Gift Certificates

Gift certiticates are a great way to give the gift of flight to a friend or loved one. Easy Flight has the only FAA Certified Flight Instructors within 100 miles driving distance of St. Louis. The gift you give is safe and legal as well as fun! For the price of a quick skydive, you can give the gift of powered, open air, flight! Available in 1/2 hour and full hour blocks.

Sport Pilot In 10 Days
10 Day Training Courses

Easy Flight pioneered training for people looking for their Sport Pilot license in powered parachutes. Beginning in 2007, Easy Flight offered intensive training programs that allowed potential pilots to go from no experience to licensed powered parachute pilot in only 10 days.

The program combines a proprietary ground school with one-on-one flight training provided by Certified Flight Instructors. That training, along with everything else needed to get your license, has made the Easy Flight 10-Day Course a proven program for those wanting to get accomplished quickly what others have taken months or years to do.

You can learn more about the 10 Day Training Course by clicking here.

6 Day Training Courses

Say you are already an airplane, sailplane, hot air balloon or any other kind of pilot and you want to become licensed for powered parachutes. The FAA does not require that you pass a knowledge test, or redo a lot of pilot operations you learned for your original license. If are already a pilot, you can become endorsed for powered parachutes by attending the 6 Day Course we have developed just for you.

The course includes the flight and ground training you need to safely pilot a powered parachute as well as pass the proficiency check to fly powered parachutes.

FAA Designated Sport Pilot Examiner
Check Rides

Quite possibly more people have received their FAA powered parachute piloting and instructing credentials at the Greenville Airport than anyplace else in the country. Roy Beisswenger attended the very first Designated Pilot Examiner Course for powered parachutes and has since helped a lot of people get legal for flight. It doesn't matter if you get your primary instruction here or not, examination services are available to you when you need them.

For More Information:

For information about even more programs and pricing, click here.