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Jim Gonzenbach and Bea Langston enjoy a flight at the Efingham, IL Transportation Celebration

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Ultralight Fly-Ins and Other Events

A great place to find out about Fly-Ins, BFI training opportunities, air shows with ultralights and more is at UltraFlight Radio. Not only will you see events about powered parachutes, you can see listing of events having to do with fixed wing ultralights, trikes, powered paragliders, experimental aircraft and more.

If you have an event you want to see listed, you can also send an email to Roy to get it on the UltraFlight Radio site! Just share the details of when, where, and contact information (including web address and email address) and he will get it listed for you.

To get to the events page click here!

UltraFlight Radio is your source for news about the Ultralight Indudstry!