Powered Parachute Flying at Sunset

Gary Hamilton takes to the winter sky in his powered parachute in Greenville, IL.

Photograph by Roy Beisswenger

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First Gold Seal Sport Pilot Flight Instructor


On February 25th, 2007, Roy Beisswenger became the first sport pilot flight instructor to earn a gold seal flight instructor certificate from the FAA. Gold seal flight instructor certificates acknowlege flight instructors who have maintained a high level of flight training activity and who meet special criteria. Once earned, an instructor's gold seal is automatically reissued each time the instructor's certificate is renewed.

Beisswenger (EAA 537928) was selected for the first sport pilot designated pilot examiner (DPE) class in January 2005, and he became one of the first powered parachute sport pilot flight instructors and DPEs in the country. Since then he has worked with students beginning flight training all the way up to applicants taking practical tests for sport pilot and instructor certificates. He is also host off the UltraFlight Radio Show and can be heard weekly at www.UltraFlightRadio.com.

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