Jim Gonzenbach in his modified Six Chuter SR! powered parachute in Greenville, IL.

Photograph by roy Beisswenger

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Easy Flight Powered Parachutes, Greenville, IL

The Gonzo Double Shock

If you own a Six Chuter with the new suspension system, you know how nice it is. Smoother taxis, smoother landings, less wear and tear on the airframe. Now in order to make a good thing better, Easy Flight introduces the Gonzo Double Shock.

Jim Gonzenbach, a designer and builder, is always looking for ways to improve his powered parachute. The single shock system did not seem adequate for his needs and he wanted to increase the spring rate of the spring/shock. Increasing the spring rate was not practical, so he looked for a way to accomplish the same mission with stock components.
The system he designed uses many of the same components that come with the Six Chuter suspension system. The main difference is that instead of one shock positioned inside of the mounting brackets, two are mounted on either side of the bracket assembly. The shocks are the same, as are the extension tubes and mounting brackets. The additional parts that had to be fabricated were spacers to position the shocks (and extension tubes) precisely on a longer set of bolts.
Features and Benefits of the Double Shock:
  • Twice the spring rate means that the system can absorb on impact twice the forces.
    • Normally, after a spring fully compresses, the load translates directly to the airframe.
    • Those additional forces then do not get a chance to be fully absorbed by the shock absorber.
    • This system eliminates most of that.
  • The spring/shocks last longer.
    • Springs do not have to carry such a high load individually.
    • Rubber bushings inside the shock eyelets last longer
    • Springs don't wear out nearly so quickly. (If you have a lot of hours on your machine, you may notice that the springs are a lot more compressed than they were when new.)
    • With two springs operating in parallel, there is less chance for torsional movement. That means even less wear on the rubber bushings.
  • The system looks good.
    • Makes the machine look more substantial.
    • Designed to look factory built.
    • Can be made to match the colors of the original airframe by purchasing tubes directly from Six Chuter.
    • Tubes can be provided in standard black.
How to get one for your machine.

First, you must already own a Six Chuter with the new suspension system. If you have an older SR7 or SR5, get the upgrade kit from Six Chuter at the same time you order this kit.

Second, let us know that you want one. We are still pricing components and should have a price for this product by the end of the month. It will be available (we believe) in three versions.

    With 2 black extension tubes.

    With no extension tubes. (You order 2 extras directly from Six Chuter in your favorite color).

    With 4 black extension tubes. (In case you just want to have them match and color is not an issue.)

Finally, we recommend that you purchase a total of 4 shocks with your kit. 2 of them to replace the existing (and possibly worn) shocks on your machine.

Contact: roy@easyflight.com