Scott Hughs and a Student coming in on final with their Powrachute powered parachute at Sun 'n Fun 2001

Photograph by Roy Beisswenger

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Easy Flight Powered Parachutes, Greenville, IL

The Powrachute PC2000!

The PC2000, and the company that stands behind it, are setting new standards for quality and service in the powered parachute world!

PC2000 Performance Specifications
  • Stall Speed - Virtually Stall Resistant
  • Max Payload - 460 lbs
  • Take Off Roll - 25 ft to 300 ft
  • Landing Roll - 10 ft to 100 ft
  • Sink Rate - 10 ft per second
  • Glide Ratio - approx. 3:1 to 4:1 Rectangular;  approx 5:1 to 6:1 Elliptical (not yet available)
  • Air Speed - 26 to 30 MPH
  • Ascent Speed - 350 to 900 FPM
  • Descent Speed - (Engine Off) 600 FPM
PC2000 Manufacturing Specifications
  • Height - 83.5 Inches
  • Width - 73 Inches
  • Length - 116 Inches
  • Total Weight 
    • 582E Deluxe Dual  396 lbs
    • 582B Deluxe Dual  366 lbs
    • 582B Basic Dual    361 lbs
  • **Above weight specifications include all standard features with dry fuel tank, 1 gallon of oil and 1 gallon of water in radiator.  For accurate weight compensation with other machines, make sure these specs are followed.

Frame Specifications

  • Aluminum 6061-T6 : 1 5/8" X .125 Wall
  • Aluminum 6061-T6: 1 1/2" X .058 Wall
  • 4130 Chromemoly: 1 5/8" X .065 Wall
  • AN Hardware: Nuts and Bolts
  • Aluminum 6061-T6: Saddles and Brackets
  • Stainless Steel: Channel Brackets

Standard Equipment on a PC2000

  • Easy build air-frame kit (no rocket science required!). 
  • Rotax Engine.
  • Ram-Air Chute (Performance Design or Quantum).
  • Three blade propeller.
  • Super (EIS) Engine Information System.
  • 4 point seat restraints.
  • 10" x 20" x 8" storage compartment under seat.
  • Line socks.
  • Single magnum strobe ac/dc.
  • Spinlock trim tabs.
  • Premium oversized chute bag.
  • A variety of standard airframe & chute colors in stock and ready for delivery.
  • Most custom orders available at no extra charge.  Allow four to six weeks for delivery 


  • The Rotax 582E - 65 Horse Power with E drive gear box & Starter.  (Pictured)
  • The Rotax 582B - 65 Horse Power with B drive gear box.


  • Rotax 582 65 HP Dual Carburetor 
  • B Drive Gear Box Red. - 2.58 : 1
  • E Drive Gear Box Red. - 2.62 : 1
  • Fuel Tank - 10 Gal Fiberglass
  • Propellers - IVO or PowerFin 3 Blade Composite (Designed specifically for PPC's)

The suspension system of the PC2000 is unique and heavy duty specially designed to handle the toughest of landings.  


The chromemoly frame is the base structure for all Powrachutes with the tubing extending all the way from front to rear.  Instead of stopping at the pylon, the chromemoly extends all the way to the fanguard.  By using this application with the chromemoly we have added more rigidity to the entire machines structure.


The instrumentation on a PC2000 is sleek and easy to read with a built in Engine Information System.  It also has power point for plugging in GPS, cell phones, etc.

Steering Bars

The steering bars on the PC2000 add a unique feature for the taller and shorter pilot.  The bars are adjustable making the plane easier to fly if you are above or below average height.  They adjust easily by removing two bolts.

Ground Steering

The ground steering doubles as a convenient tow bar for pre-flight and post-flight maneuvering.  This feature was added for safety to keep the pilot from pushing the machine around by the prop. 

Powder Coating

Each machine is done in a long lasting in- house powder coating.  The coating is convection baked which is a more controlled process than the  infra-red process. Standard airframe colors are ready for delivery (see your local dealer).  Most custom orders are available at no extra charge - allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Fuselage Bars

The Fuselage Bars are another unique feature on the PC2000.  They add to the structural strength of the machine and in addition, to the other obvious functions they serve,  the fuselage bars serve to ease the entry and exit for the pilot and student.    

Webbing Risers

The PC2000 utilizes webbing risers for added strength and shock absorption during flight.  They were chosen over cables for this reason. 

Riser Brackets

The PC2000 has tangle resistant Riser Bracket attachments.  This helps eliminate the possibility of steering line snags during take-off. 


Each PC2000 comes with a luxurious contoured seat designed specifically with the comfort of the student and pilot alike.


Under the seat is a 10" x 20" x 8" storage compartment big enough for storing your chute bag, line socks and other personal items. 

Battery Box

The battery box is cleanly mounted and easily accessible. 


The airframe on the PC2000 is constructed out of  chromemoly  and 6061-T6 aviation grade aluminum.

All connectors are aluminum saddles for added strength.  NO plastic saddles are used.


You have your choice of either a Quantum or Performance Design Chute.  These are two of the top chute designer/manufacturers  in the industry, which allows for the best choice possible. 

  • Performance Design Sunriser 500 and Barnstormer 500:
    • Fabric: Silicon Coated 1.1 oz Ripstop Nylon
    • Canopy Size: 500 Sq. Ft.
    • Wing Span: 39.5 Ft
  • Quantum Advantage:
    • Fabric: 30 Denier Ripstop Nylon
    • Canopy Size: 500 Sq Ft.
    • Wing Span: 38.7 Ft


Three blade composite propeller from top of the line industry manufacturer.

  Learn More!