Powered Parachutes in Flight

Chuck Speck leads the flight to the spot landing contest in Greenville, IL.

Photograph by Jim Gonzenbach

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Items for Under $25!

These items were chosen because of their value in helping you get introduced to the sport of powered parachuting. All of them are inexpensive and all of them are designed to provide information to the interested prospective pilot as well as seasoned pilots.


UltraFlight Magazine


Now here is a deal where you can't go wrong! UltraFlight Magazine is dedicated to "Advancing Ultralight/Lite Flying" in all its forms. Powered parachutes as well as powered and non-powered paragliders, trikes, fixed wings, gyros, hang gliders and more are represented. This magazine offers more information on powered parachutes than any other.

To take advantage of this offer, simply e-mail your name, address, and telephone number to roy@easyflight.com and we'll get your magazine to you pronto. Realize that you are not signing up for anything except a look at a world class magazine. Our hope is that after seeing your first copy that you will decide to become a subscriber, but that is your choice!

The Paraflight Experience

(NOTE: This is a great book, but currently out of print. I would suggest looking on Ebay for a used copy of the book --Roy)

This book is written by one of the pioneers in the world of powered parachuting. He tells his story from his first introduction to powered parachutes in 1983 through many of his flights.

John is a great story teller and makes points about safety and flying by relating his challenges and how he dealt with them.

This is probably the most popular book written about powered parachutes!

160+ Pages, Soft Cover.

Only $16.95 plus shipping and handling. See below for ordering information.

About the Author

What Others Say About The Paraflight Experience

Fundamentals of Instructing

FAA Written Exam

The primary purpose of Fundamentals of Instructing FAA Written Exam is to provide you with the easiest, fastest, and least expensive means of passing the Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI) knowledge test, which is required before you can obtain your basic flight instructor certification.

160 pages, Soft Cover

Only $9.95 plus shipping and handling

For More Informaion About the Book

FAR/AIM, 2000 Edition

The purpose of the FAR/AIM is to consolidate the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) into one easy-to-use reference book. This is a book that everyone who takes to sky should own. Includes FAR Part 103, the Ultralight Regulation and many others.

592 pages, Soft Cover

Only $14.95 plus shipping and handling   

For More Informaion About the Book

Powered Parachute Newsletter

Lots of good information on Powered Parachutes, featuring the largest collection of used Powered Parachutes for sale in the world!

$20.00 annual subscription 4 Issues. Visa or Master Card

Portland Powerchutes Inc.
28621 SE Woods Rd.
Eagle Creek, Oregon 97022
call 800-457-4310

You can also email the publisher directly at: Pdxpc@aol.com


 Ordering Information

All you need to do is e-mail me at roy@easyflight.com) with your name, address, telephone number, items you want to order, total price and credit card information (card number, expiration date, name on card) and we'll get your order going. And if you live in Illinois, don't worry about sales tax, we'll pay it. No purpose in punishing you for living close to me!

If you prefer you can call in your order at (618) 664-9706. Or you can do it the old fashioned quaint way by writing out a check and mailing it in to Easy Flight, PO Box 38, Greenville, IL 62246. I appreciate your business either way!

My theory about ordering stuff is to keep it simple!

Shipping and handling is $5. It remains the same if you buy one tape or a crate of tapes! So.... Here's all the math worked out for you for the simple orders.

1 tape, $19.95 + $5.00 = $24.95

1 book, $16.95 + $5.00 = $21.95

1 tape & 1 book, $19.95 + $16.95 + $5.00 = $41.90

You get the idea! Remember, magazines are free!